» » Road Trip 13 San Diego (DVD9)

Road Trip 13 San Diego (DVD9)

Road Trip 13 San Diego (DVD9)
Road Trip 13 San Diego (DVD9)

Genre: Amateur, Young Men, Muscle, Big Dick, Oral, Anal, Group, Rimming, Outdoor, Masturbation, Cumshot
Duration: 1:40:27
Director: Peter Romero
Studio: Falcon - Jocks
Starring: Sebastian Keys, Larkin, Jeremy Fox (II), Dex Carter, Jake Lyons, Stefano Ricci
Description: Pack up the car 'cuz San Diego and sunny weather are the perfect ingredients for a six man holiday. Trying to get six horny jocks to behave in San Diego is like herding cats. So sexual chaos is the order of the day on Road Trip 13, where sunshine and excitement add to the screwy mix.
Jeremy Fox high-tailed it out of Wyoming's boring cornfields and headed west to sunny California. Dex Carter is one of the beautiful people Florida is famous for. Besides being young, horny and handsome, both jocks share something else in common ... they'd both surrender their asses to Falcon superstar Leo Giamani. So until Leo comes along to sweep them off their feet, these two get it on. Jeremy is the first one on his knees, taking in Dex's gorgeous cock and sucking every tasty inch down his throat. Dex quickly returns the favor and nurses on his partner's knob. Then Jeremy rims Dex's hairy asshole, jamming his tongue deep inside the juiced-up cleft, before he's bending over happily getting fucked up the ass. Dex pumps his cock in and out, and then finishes by shooting ribbons of spooge all over Jeremy's face. Jeremy quickly responds in kind, cumming all over his buddy's chest.
Utah was too boring for Stefano Ricci, so he moved to California. Jake Lyons' complaint about his native Cleveland was that there was not enough cock in town. Before this duo begins exploring each other's physical charms, they boast about how young they were when they had sex for the first time. Stefano was fourteen when he lost his virginity; Jake was a wee little whore at seven. Let's see what experience and skill they've gained since then. Jake proves what a sucker he is for cock as he dives onto Stefano dick, gobbling up as much precious wiener he can stuff in his mouth. Then he makes a meal outta Stefano's asshole, licking that puckered crack with gusto. Jake knows what a good pig bottom he is and gets on all fours so he can get screwed. Stefano fucks his hole fast, hard and non-stop; he is masterful with every thrust, making Jake cry out with pleasure. Then he pulls out and jerks himself to climax. Jake follows suit with his own milky contribution, both of them satisfied with their efforts.
Before Sebastian Keys and Larkin can finish their game of pool to determine which guy is gonna bottom for the other, they stop to introduce themselves. Larkin hales from the sunshine state; Sebastian is representing Cincinnati; and this pair is just as horny and hungry as the others on this San Diego holiday. Sebastian lucked out on the plane ride over having sex with a horny flight attendant. Still buzzed on a high with that episode, he gets on his knees to start sucking Larkin's big dick. Then it's the lanky brunet's turn to feed on his buddy's equally impressive meat-pole. A heavy-duty session of ass-munching ensues, before Larkin rams his cock up Sebastian's primed ass, piercing the hairy hole with a series of stabbing thrusts. Sebastian is moaning, his gasps keeping perfect rhythm to Larkin's pelvic lunges. Then while he's on his back, still getting plugged, he cums all over his own belly and Larkin adds to the mess by shooting his man juice all over.
Poolside frolicking has Sebastian, Jeremy, Stefano, Larkin, Jake and Dex all ready to bring this sin-sational San Diego chapter to a rousing end. Larkin and Dex take turns sucking on Jake's stiff staff, while Stefano feeds his ample slab of meat to both Sebastian and Jeremy. The lusty sextet break into pairs, eventually trading off in a variety of match-ups and positions so that everyone can sample and enjoy the spontaneous madcap buffet of cocks to suck and asses to eat out and more asses to fuck. Then lined up one behind the other, Sebastian, Dex, Stefano, Larkin, and Jeremy take turns blasting Jake with five hefty shots of spooge across his chest and perky nipples before he tops them all with his load of cum. This is the exciting finale they all were looking forward to, making them wish they could hit the reset button and start all over again.
Video Quality: DVD9
Video Format: DVD Video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: AC3
Video: the MPEG 2, 720x480 (4: 3), 29.970 fps, 6900 Kbps (0.666 bit / pixel)
Audio: Dolby AC3, 48000 Hz, 2ch, 192 Kbps CBR
Road Trip 13 San Diego (DVD9)
Road Trip 13 San Diego (DVD9)
Road Trip 13 San Diego (DVD9)
Road Trip 13 San Diego (DVD9)
Road Trip 13 San Diego (DVD9)

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