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Elder Stewart - SETTING APART

Elder Stewart - SETTING APART
Stewart’s submissiveness allowed for the Brethren to find endless rituals for the boy to complete. He possessed both the sweet innocence of a virgin boy and the hunger and drive to absolutely submit to the sexual desires of the men of the Order. Even though he was now a member of the Order, they were not going to pass on any chance to get the boy naked and fuck him senseless.

One night after the temple had closed for the day, Elder Stewart was called into a secret after hours session in the Temple. He was led by two masked men into a dark chamber, carrying candles to light their way.

As they set their candles down Elder Stewart could see that his two guides were the powerful and sexy Patriarch Smith and President Olsen.

Knowing how hung these men are, Elder Stewart was eager to be of service.

“Up on the altar,” ordered Patriarch Smith.

It was hard to see by just candle light, but looking around he could make out a large table, covered in a red cloth. As Elder Stewart sat up, a calm passed over him. It was comforting for him to be completely submissive, not having to wonder what to do or say, but simply follow their lead and allow for what they want.

Patriarch Smith and President Olsen moved their hands over his body, peeling off each item of his clothing piece by piece. In the dim light, it was strange and disorienting to be undressed, barely able to make out who was touching him. By the time they got him down to his one-piece temple garment, the boy’s excitement was clearly evident, his exceptionally large member causing his garment to tent.

As President Olsen removed his shoes, Patriarch Smith unzipped the boy’s one-piece, slowly revealing his tight, boyish frame. As the young man’s exposed flesh caught his eye, Patriarch Smith could not resist running his hands inside, searching for Elder Stewart’s massive, engorged cock. His hands moved their way down, grabbing his large egg-sized balls, squeezing them gently.

Elder Stewart moaned as his genitals were being fondled. This, of course, was only intensified by the feeling of President Olsen removing his socks and massaging his bare feet. Olsen moved his strong hands up and down the soles of the young boy, soon maneuvering up to his legs and thighs. Seeing his arousal caused by Smith’s actions, President Olsen in turn passed his hands up the leg of the boy’s underwear and began to play with his balls as well.

The boy breathed slowly and deeply as the men continued running their hands over his body and genitals, removing his clothing until he was completely undressed. Then, the two men began to rub warm oil over his exposed body, moving down his chest, stomach, and crotch. With each pass their hands coated his cock in slick, sweet smelling oil, sending pulses of pleasure that moved through his whole body as they softly squeezed the swollen head of his dick.

Each man took care to anoint his body all over, head to toe, making sure no delicate area was missed. Patriarch Smith even spread the boy’s legs apart, exposing his pink hole for coating as well.

Eager to see Elder Stewart’s butt on full display, the salt and pepper leader turned him around, kneeling him up such that his ass faced them. As Patriarch Smith spread oil over his bare butt, the light of the candles made it shine and glisten, only exaggerating the already perfectly round and smooth surface of his ass. The two men pawed at his cheeks, playing with them and seeing how much they could grab in their hands.

Bending him over, Patriarch Smith continued to move his fingers over his inviting ass. Elder Stewart to arched his back, perfectly presenting his hole to them. He knew exactly how to make these men go crazy for his boyish body. As Smith continued to grope and grab at his cheeks, President Olsen gently tugged at his hanging, stiff cock, as if he was an animal needing to be milked.

The boy moaned as they played with his hole, spreading it open and running their fingers along it, getting it lubed up and slippery.

“Get on your back,” Patriarch Smith ordered, eager to see the young boy’s ass filled.

As the dominant daddy helped him get into position, President Olsen unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. Seeing where this was headed, Elder Stewart lifted one leg up, opening himself for the him. Teased and excited, he wanted nothing more than than to be fucked hard by these two men.

Patriarch Smith stood near the boy’s head, looking over his body and massaging his chest as President Olsen rubbed some oil onto his big dick. Elder Stewart couldn’t help but reach for the patriarch’s bulge, desperate to feel him in his hand. Feeling how hard it was, he unzipped the older man’s pants and pulled out his pulsating erection. He couldn’t resist tasting it, feeling it’s warmth on his tongue and lips.

As he began to suck and service Smith, President Olsen slowly slid his rock hard cock in the hungry hole of Elder Stewart. With a full mouth of daddy dick, Elder Stewart let out a muffled moan as President Olsen dipped in and out of his hot ass. Unable to hold himself back, Patriarch Smith instinctively began to thrust his hips into the boy’s face, fucking his mouth slowly.

President Olsen paused only to slip out of his suit and pull down his underwear. Patriarch Smith’s movements grew faster, deeper, and harder as he watched his colleague take off pants and prepare to truly mount and fuck the young boy. He couldn’t wait to see him fuck Elder Stewart deep and hard. He was even more eager to mount the boy’s ass himself…

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Elder Stewart - SETTING APART

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